• Identify the problem

    Our first and primary task is problem analysis, we are devoted to solving software problems that are relevant to our clients’ needs. At this stage, we analyze to understand the problem, define what needs solving and then construct a scope of the solution, simply put, we get to gather information from our client to create goals, discuss the in-depth design direction and also clarify any vague concepts after which a detailed proposal and project timeline will be set.


  • Analyze the problem

    Tactical data collection to enhance the value of an ideal solution is the focus in this next phase. This process helps to clarify, break down the project into small manageable pieces, improve our understanding of the problem, purpose, and action which is crucial for the planning processes for the team to develop efficient results.

  • Identify decision criteria

    Here, all guidelines, principles, and requirements in regards to a given project are set to enable the team to reach implementation goals. The purpose of establishing criteria is to support a constructed decision-making process and ensure that decisions made support the desired problem solving outcome as well as Otech creatives’ core values. To establish a process that reflects project goals, it is imperative to determine the criteria before developing alternatives. The decision criterion based on specific clients’ projects consists of the following cost, time, quality, customer experience, performance, functions, time, usability, reliability, resilience, features, and so on…

  • Develop multiple solutions

    This depict that concepts should be distinct and meaningful. Generating multiple ideas can be immensely tasking, it is why the Otech creatives team consistently trades healthy ideas, viewing the same solution from different perspectives which leads to a collaborative and open problem-solving process. Each of the solutions is  to develop reliable and efficient software. OtechCreatives is committed to delivering quality software that guarantees usefulness, efficiency and reliability.

  • Choose the optimal solution

    The last phase is selecting an optimal solution after an adequate evaluation of all relevant solutions and alternatives. At this stage, the Otech creatives tech team begins with the software architectural design and then the implementation process having understood every bit of the project, a step-by-step plan is set up to ensure that the project meets the desired project delivery timeline.