Otech Creatives is a software development firm that specializes in providing top-notch software solutions to small and medium scale businesses to ensure solid online visibility for their prospective clients

 Web app, Mobile app, UI/UX design, Graphic and Product design, Digital marketing, Branding and Advertising, IT Accessories Sales & IT Consultancy, IT Training

We adopt the waterfall model and Agile Methodology in few cases

  • Requirements (product requirement documentation) “The users story”
  • Design phase (software architectural build)
    Analyze user experience
  • Implementation
  • Verification (testing end result)
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

It depends on the project requirement and its functionality..This will allow us give a projected and estimated development timeline for the project.

we have over 7+ years Industry experience

We usually design a prototype and a wireframe during the design stage before actual Implementation for our client to see and test the website or app workflow.

Yes..very well..we work with already built app after we must have test the app and see where we can come in to Improve the app and re-design if need be..

 We use several latest technologies depending on the software to be built, we try to use the appropriate technology stacks and libraries that suit the app that we want to develop.

. Yes, we work with small business, we are very passionate about helping small business achieve it business goals and also scale as they progress...

We guarantee product quality by allowing our hight functional quality assurance team test the product and ensure company or business and customer quality standards are met.

You don't need to be a tech savvy, just tell us what you want in your requirements definition which state the app goal and objective and we bring the idea into reality by developing a seamless and effective product a matter of fact some of the software development model we add with our existing waterfall model encourages our client to be Involved in each stage of development to see if the software actually meet the product requirements.

Yes...we try as much as possible to place enough professionals and developers during the development process so as to deliver the product effectively and in a timely manner.

Yes, depending on the software development we adopt during the development process, we can either factor in during development or at the end of the whole build..

Yes..seeing that we also have maintenance plans in checks, we are always ready and available to upgrade the app for future needs and also with latest and up-to-date technology stacks.

Our price is project dependent I.e it depends on the complexity and functionality of the software to be developed and the time frame for its deployment.

 It depends on the appropriate time frame determined during project Initiation and planning..

 Yes..for every technology used for a particular development, they is reason(s) behind it...because we try to use the appropriate and relevant technology stacks during our software build..

 yes.. we have several testimonials from our client over the years...some are listed on our homepage.

Yes, we also provide digital marketing and advertisement, graphics and product design(ui/ux) with IT training and consultancy.

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